Cruise Ship Jobs Opportunities are Getting Bigger

For the last 4 years, big cruise lines pushed many new luxury cruise ships! Every cruise liner gives the opportunity to work from 500 to 1,500 crew and staff personnel. 
Lots of new cruise ship jobs are being made this year alone! For the next 3 years, up to twenty additional cruise vessels are also planned to be pushed and the better news is there are not only cruise ship, there are many kinds of ship types and respectively wider opportunity for job seekers.

It is true that the cruise industry has been increased constantly and is set to boom as the economy keeps going to recover. In 2010, the cruise vessel industry experienced a nice raising in passenger traffic over the last year and 2011 has been even quite better than 2010!

All these news are good not only for the owners of the cruise industry, it is good and because of the people looking for job on a ship cruise! There has never been a better moment to be seeking for work on the cruise ships. Whether people are seeking for work on for a cruise company for a short-term job change or a long term career, the cruise companies have a place already for them.

On the average cruise ships are employed 1 crew member for each 2 cruise vessel passengers. This means it need approximately 1,000 personnel members to staff a cruise vessel that carries 2,000 passengers. In addition, for whatever reason, turnover on the cruise vessels is really pretty high, so cruise companies need to complete a terrible lot of positions each year and thus they are ALWAYS HIRING!

What is really cool about working on Cruise Ships

The average primary treaty usually ranges from three to nine months. With all of employees' living expenditures, medical insurance covered by the cruise company, a high percentage of their revenues might be banked, thereby giving the employees a good sum saved after every treaty.

Cruise line staff also generally get great tips and benefits. These benefits are usually including:

Free cabin on the cruise liner. Generally either a single room or a shared stateroom with another worker of the personnel.
  • Free food
  • Air travel en-route and homeward bound
  • Free laundry for all of the staff
  • Free medical insurance
  • Discounts at vessel board and usually land based stores, bars and restaurants
  • Decreased cruise rates for families and friends
There are really great opportunities for all the people looking for a job on a cruise ship, but there are also which are not so severe and in the same time well-paid. But for those looking for a really well-paid job but in contrast very diffucult they can check for an oil rig job. It is quite well-paid but not for everyone. is the amazing website I recently found, which has been created for those people that need to find a ship. 

It is very convenient and really simple to use. For users that want to find a vessel they need only to enter the ship's name or its IMO number. This simple step is going to show you many comprehensive details of the vessel like:
  • Vessel type – there is shown each ship type: Passenger Vessel, Cargo Vessel, Ship Chandler, Surveyor, Tanker, Bunker, Tug, Pilot, High Speed Craft, Fishing boat.
  • Gross tonnage - gross tonnage has been calculated based on "the moulded capacity of all enclosed spaces of the vessel" and is being used to define things such as a vessel's manning regulations, registration fees and port dues, its safety rules.
  • Deadweight - deadweight is a measure of that what weight a vessel is carrying or may safely transports. This is the amount of the weights of fuel, fresh water,cargo, ballast water, provisions, passengers, and crew members.
  • Lenght overall - lenght overall relates to the maximum length of a ship from the 2 points on the hull measured perpendicular to the waterline.
  • Breadth extreme - breadth extreme is the width of a vessel over the outside of all planking or plating at the broadest frame
  • Draught - draught is the vertical lenght among the waterline and the bottom of the hull (keel), with the width of the hull that is included; in the case of not being included the draft outline would be obtained.
  • Year of built
This website can even show you and the vessel's exact location around the world only in one click distance which is very useful especially for the competitors.

Waterloo Wellington ship tracking by Vessel Finder

You might have seen lots of live ship tracking websites all over the internet, but there is nothing like Vessel Finder. Some of the ships tracking websites of Waterloo Wellington use Google maps to visualize ships positions some other use vector maps that are rather insufficient.

The fleet management system - Vessel Finder uses Open street map, which is faster and simpler than Google maps, more reliable and more detailed than vector charts. You can smoothly navigate through the world and enjoy the revolutionary design. Another satisfaction comes from well designed pop-ups with detailed ship information and vessel’s photo. In this new ship tracking website there is place even for beginner and advanced photographers. Everybody can upload his own photo of any vessel. Website stores all photos and visualize gallery for each vessel.

Best advantage is Vessels database – huge amount of accurate information about ship types, year of build, tonnage and dimensions. This type of data is not available free anywhere else. In addition to that you can search in vessels database and see if the ship is in range over the map.

Another useful information in this vessel tracking website is the ports database. All major ports are collected with exact location that you can see on the map, port LOCODE and country.

And finally but not less important is the News section. Every day a team of high qualified writers publish all interesting ship accidents.

Waterloo Wellington tourism and activities

Waterloo region is known by All for his festival activity.  The people are completely involved the events by volunteering, sponsoring, or by coming out to have fun with the spectacular attractions!

A lot of Waterloo's festivals are not paid to attend.

If you are interested in music, food, international street performers, medieval century activities, twinkling winter light displays - this is the right place for you in Waterloo.....

The City of Waterloo IS KNOWN in many festivals and public events orginized and sponsored in the community in every 2 years. You have to pay attention on the calendar of events for dates and times when become available.

Waterloo's Ice Dogs Festival is taking place annually in February (it is depending from the weather) and features an amazing diversity of activities around ice sculpture demonstrations and live dog sled championships.

Saving the Earth is important for the people give a hand to the earth by participating in different Earth Day Events throughout April.  Plant a tree, help remove trash, and become friend of the environment with fun hands-on activities.

July is the time of the summer but not for vacation like places in Sunny Beach Bulgaria but for popular music festival the Waterloo Jazz Festival.  Do not forget that in the beginning in July is the Summer Concert Series and Music & Movies in the Park.

There are no major disasters or accidents in the area.

The Waterloo Buskers Carnival becomes bigger and bigger, more popular and with 4 days duration in the end of August.

Then it is the time for the Royal Medieval Faire in Waterloo Park.

Annually Waterloo wait for the time of to kicking off the Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest celebrations by entertainig the people with the Mayors Luncheon in Waterloo.  Look out for the Chronicle and our News for more info as the event approaches.  Spas' N Spiel is for family but is not an alcohol activity, this is event including great music, great food and great entertainment.

In December take place the Wonders of Winter in Waterloo Park.  January again sees Chinese New Years celebrations taking place at the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex.

Waterloo Wellington Region - Welcome!

Waterloo Region is a place to a flourishing arts, culture and heritage
scene. In case you are a guest exploring us for the 1st time, or a
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Mohawk and Woodbine Racetracks give you the chance to see North
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Grand River Transit travels over 12 million km per year right through,
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Air and Energy

Clean air is the most important to the health and well-being of the people and environment. There is a tradition here of air-quality and energy ideas (projects)
such as Waterloo Region Partners for Clean Air, the Emission Reduction Plan, Anti-Idling protocol and education campaigns. We are also working on an Energy Management Strategy, a Fleet Greening Strategy, Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Clean Air Plan, and Community Energy Planning Strategy.

Wellington is the city of choice for creative human beings. If you have nice ideas, you’ll find Wellington extremly inspiring. Dynamic and cosmopolitan, compact and safe, it gives you the opportunity to benefit of a much bigger area. Welcome to the greatest little capital region in the whole world - Waterloo Wellington.